Planning Applications
Planning Applications

Planning application observations - a note to all parishioners.

South Somerset District Council (SSDC) is the Local Planning Authority, and as such makes decisions about  permitting or refusing planning applications in Keinton Mandeville. 

The Parish Council is a consultee in the planning application process, this means that SSDC will consult the Parish Council whenever a planning application in the Parish is submitted and we will be asked to consider the application and make observations. 

 The District Council also has a duty to inform residents of neighbouring properties and to invite their observations. Please note that South Somerset District Council DOES NOT routinely inform the Parish Council if it has received objections about the application. If you wish the Parish Council to take your comments into account in its deliberations, please make sure you either attend the Parish Council meeting in person or copy your comments to the Clerk in time for the meeting (check the date with the clerk / website beforehand.) You will still need to submit comments directly to the District Council. 

Applicants are also welcome to attend the meeting at which their application will be considered.

Agendas for all parish council meetings are displayed on the noticeboard on the side of the shop at least 3 clear days in advance of the meetings.