Solar Streets


Do you want to save on your Electric Bill, halt Climate Change and help to build a Community Fund?

Brue Valley Solar Streets is a discounted Solar PV Scheme supported by your Parish Council. It is designed to bring affordable solar panels to your community, so you can help halt climate change and become carbon neutral by 2030. It also helps to build a Community Fund to be used for green projects.

Solar Streets started out in Frome in 2018 when the Council declared a Climate Emergency. IDDEA, a local company, came up with a community scheme where people could save money on Solar Panels by grouping together for the surveys and installations.

Since then the scheme has grown to over 7 current schemes and your neighbours in Bruton & Castle Cary, Wells, and Glastonbury all have schemes, with new ones coming on board in January to March.

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**** update 1/2/2021 a zoom session has taken place to discuss this initiative - if anyone is interested in having the solar PV but missed the session, it was recorded and is on the website at

Additional Documents

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